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Psilocybin session and depression

Psilocybin session and depression (bron: Triptherapie)

The weather and depression The seasons can influence our mood and associated hormones and neurotransmitters cause, for example, the winter blues. For example, in winter […]

The weather and depression

The seasons can influence our mood and associated hormones and neurotransmitters cause, for example, the winter blues. For example, in winter many people experience a dip in their mood, which is also known as winter depression or seasonal depression. This can be caused by a lack of sunlight, which reduces the body’s own “happiness hormone” serotonin. In spring and summer, many people experience an improvement in their mood. This can be attributed to an increase in sunlight, which stimulates the production of vitamin D and the increase in serotonin due to exposure to daylight. The change of seasons can also affect the production of other hormones and neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, norepinephrine and cortisol, which influence our mood and physical well-being.

A lack of sun in winter

In winter when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight, our body can produce less vitamin D. This is because our skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system because it helps regulate our immune response. A vitamin D deficiency can therefore contribute to a weakened immune system and make us more susceptible to viruses such as colds, corona and flu. It is believed that normal vitamin D levels in the body can contribute to a more effective immune response to viruses. It is therefore important to get enough vitamin D, especially in the winter months when the sun shines less brightly. Supplementing vitamin D through diet or supplementation can help strengthen immunity and reduce susceptibility to viruses.

Preventing winter depression

There is increasing evidence that shows that there is a link between a well-functioning immune system, low inflammation levels and a lower risk of depression. Low-grade inflammation can occur when the immune system becomes overactive and attacks the cells and tissues in the body that it should normally protect. These inflammatory reactions are accompanied by an increased production of cytokines, substances that cause inflammatory reactions. Research shows that this inflammation can lead to changes in the brain that can contribute to the development of depression.

A well-functioning immune system and low inflammation levels can therefore protect against the development of depression. It is important, especially in winter, to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the immune system. In addition to taking vitamin D, there are other things that can help such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, enough sleep, supplements and stress reduction.

Food for the winter

In winter it is important to support the immune system with the right nutrition. Edible mushrooms, such as Shiitake, are very effective because they support the immune system and at the same time spare the lungs, which is useful in cases of COVID-19, for example. Quercetin is a plant substance that also supports the immune system and is found in capers, onions, apples and leafy vegetables. Turmeric is also a powerful remedy. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is often added to dishes for extra flavor and health benefits. In addition, zinc and selenium are important minerals for the immune system. Zinc stimulates the production of white blood cells and is found in meat, shellfish, seeds and nuts. Selenium also strengthens the immune system and is found in fish, whole grains and Brazil nuts, among others. All in all, it is important to eat a healthy and varied diet, with sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep our immune system strong and healthy.

For more tips, we recommend reading our previous article on the anti-depression diet and our list of foods with a high ORAC value (anti-inflammatory function of food).

Anti-depression diet | ORAC values nutrition

Edible mushrooms

Eating edible mushrooms in winter brings many benefits. It is good to vary with various edible mushrooms as each species contains its own unique substances and supports the immune system in a different way. Below we have highlighted a number of special medicinal mushrooms (pun intended).

Kind Operation
Reishi Anti-inflammatory so better immune system, less depression
Lion’s Mane More Nerve Grow Factor against Alzheimer’s and MS (neurodegeneration)
Turkey tail Better immune system, especially against cancer
Shiitake Activates immune system against viruses via AHCC
Chaga Better immune system
He Shou Wu Protection against DNA aging via Superoxide Dismutase
Psilocybe Hallucinations and BDNF for insights and connections in the brain

Mushroom blog

Support with supplements

In addition to the fact that nutrition is the basis for a good immune system, the supplements below can support the immune system during the winter. Below we list a number that work well during the winter and via the buttons below you can find more information about the relevant supplements and how they work.

  • Vitamin D
  • Multivitamin with vitamins B, C, E and minerals such as zinc and selenium
  • Saffron (Anti-inflammatory and neurotransmitter modulator)
  • Krill or algae oil (because of DHA and EPA)
  • 5-HTP or tryptophan

Vitamin D


Krill oil

Supplements and depression

Does psilocybin work against winter depression?

Psilocybin can work against depression in several ways. Psilocybin has a physical (biochemical) effect on the brain and it provides a subjective experience. Both can contribute to reducing the winter blues or winter depression.


Recent studies have shown that psilocybin has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. Assuming that depression can be an inflammatory response of the body, the anti-inflammatory effect of psilocybin can help to reduce inflammation levels and thus be effective in treating winter depression.

Psilocybin anti-inflammatory


In addition to the anti-inflammatory effects of psilocybin, psilocybin can promote the growth of new nerve cells in the brain and thus also reduce depressive symptoms. This has to do with the activity of BDNF, a substance released when using psilocybin. BDNF can cause the dendritic processes to grow.



Furthermore, a trip on psilocybin can dispel loneliness by allowing people to experience the unity of the universe. The absence of loneliness has a positive effect on the immune system and thus indirectly on depression. A spiritual journey or insights can also help in dealing with stressors that would otherwise lead to depression.

Subjective experience

Psilocybin structure

Information about psilocybin

As soon as 2024 starts we will have already helped approximately 2000 people with psilocybin sessions. Before the hype surrounding psychedelics started, we wanted to bridge the gap between therapy with psychedelics and a healthy lifestyle. We also want to combine psychedelic therapy with physical health in 2024 and we are happy to help you with this. In order to use our services, we ask you to complete the intake so that we can see whether psilocybin or other psychedelics can be used. If we find contraindications in the intake, we will let you know. If there are no objections, we can schedule a session and provide advice in preparation for your session.

Intake form


Availability of Trip Therapy

Before anyone goes for a psychedelic session it is highly recommended to understand what this means. To learn more about psilocybin, how psilocybin therapy works, what our availability is for private or group sessions, please use the buttons below.


Psilocybin group session


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Psilocybin session and depression

Bezoek ook onze partnersites zoals Truffel sessie, lsd therapie, truffel ceremonie, LVL 5 en , psiloflora.


MDMA sessie met analoog
MDMA analoog

MDMA therapie met analoog

MDMA is een stof die veel neurotransmitters vrij laat komen en dat zorgt voor de en stimulerende effecten die het gevoel van verbondenheid en empathie vergroten. De exacte stof MDMA is in Nederland illegaal om in te zetten als therapeutisch hulpmiddel. Zo wordt er sinds vorig jaar al een MDMA analoog w ingezet tijdens wat MDMA sessies.

MDMA-analogen hebben ongeveer dezelfde effecten als MDMA, maar zijn legaal verkrijgbaar omdat ze niet expliciet worden genoemd als illegale substantie in de Opiumwet (Lijst 1 bevat MDMA). Diverse analogen van MDMA werken op dezelfde manier door neurotransmitters zoals de belangrijkere serotonine en dopamine vrij te laten komen. Dit zorgt voor vergelijkbare effecten voor degene die het gebruikt. Sommige analogen bootsten zo goed MDMA na dat mensen geen verschil merken met het origineel. Anderen zoals 3-MMC werken toch net een beetje anders. Van 4-FA is de werking vergelijkbaar met XTC en Speed. Gebruikers geven ook wel aan dat het een variant is tussen deze middelen. Het heeft een stimulerende werking en begint ongeveer na een half uur tot een uur te werken.

Veel verschillende MDMA analogen

Het kiezen tussen verschillende analogen van MDMA kan moeilijk zijn omdat elk van hen verschillende eigenschappen heeft, sommige gevaarlijker dan anderen. Hoewel de meeste analogen effecten hebben die vergelijkbaar zijn met MDMA, kunnen bepaalde eigenschappen zoals toxiciteit, bijwerkingen en effectiviteit voor medicinale doeleinden sterk verschillen. Sommige analogen zijn minder sterk dan MDMA en vereisen hogere doseringen, terwijl andere meer potent zijn. Desalniettemin hebben sommige analogen mogelijk gunstige eigenschappen die kunnen worden gebruikt bij therapieën, zoals hun anxiolytische effecten en daarmee hun vermogen om angst te verminderen. Het is echter niet veilig is om willekeurig verschillende analogen uit te proberen en dat maakt het lastig de juist te vinden.

Wil je niet wachten op de legalisering van MDMA?

Als je niet wilt wachten op de legalisering van MDMA, maar toch een sessie wilt doen die lijkt op MDMA? Neem dan eens een kijkje op deze pagina:

MDMA therapie | MDMA analoog

Psychedelic therapy Belgium
Tripsitter Belgium

Psychedelic coaching in Belgium

Psychedelic sessions are currently not legalized in Belgium and we expect Belgium to remain conservative for at least a few more years. Recently there has been a relatively large amount of media attention in Belgium for the healing effects of psilocybin. Especially after Selah Sue’s story, many Belgians came from Belgium to the Netherlands for psychedelic sessions.

Are you looking for expertise?

In the Netherlands we have a lot of experience with psychedelics, especially psilocybince, because it was always been legal to use it one way or another., a Netherlands based company, has guided more than 1800 people with their psychedelic therapy. You can use one of their tripsitters/tripcoaches/therapist to do a session with. They come to your place as long it’s just in the Netherlands. It’s possible to book a rental house in the Netherlands and you can do the session with one of the guides that they offer. You can find a overview of employees here:

Staff of Triptherapie Netherlands

What do belgians choose?

Most Belgian customers come to the Netherlands in small groups of 2-4 people and use the venue Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam. It’s nearby Rotterdam and not so far away from Antwerp and Brussels. After the session, it’s included to spend the night before returning home.

Read more about the here Psychedelic Loft Schiedam

Schiedam ceremony loft -Psychedelic truffle session or ceremony for customers from Belgium

Open truffle ceremony

It is also possible to participate in an open truffle ceremony. During an open truffle ceremony, the group is not closed and there are a maximum of 5 other participants present. It is good to consider what you like. Some customers find connecting with strangers an advantage and others prefer more privacy and personal attention.

Read more about: Psilocybin truffle ceremony

MDMA therapy Amsterdam

MDMA therapy Amsterdam (bron: Triptherapie)

MDMA therapy when psychotherapy alone is not enough For a lot of people with the diagnosis PTSD or one of the anxiety disorders, talktherapy or […]

MDMA therapy when psychotherapy alone is not enough

For a lot of people with the diagnosis PTSD or one of the anxiety disorders, talktherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy is not enough to reduce the symptoms. This group of unlucky people are now able to make use of MDMA therapy in The Netherlands, for example in Amsterdam. In this article we’ll explain why MDMA therapy works better than regular therapy in case of PTSD, anxiety disorders, OCD and addiction.

How MDMA therapy works

MDMA therapy is not merely about the administration of a drug. It’s a combination of the preparation, the drug and talk-therapy and the integration. This altogether create a unique therapeutic experience. During the MDMA session this are the effects of MDMA:

  1. Enhanced Emotional Engagement: MDMA increases the release of hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, that play key roles in trust, bonding, and well-being. This can help patients feel safe and comfortable during MDMA sessions, allowing them to engage more deeply with their emotions.
  2. Reduced Fear Response: MDMA decreases activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes fear. This can help patients revisit traumatic memories without being overwhelmed by fear or anxiety. The reduced anxiety levels allows the clients to talk more openly about the difficult parts of life, giving their selves the chance to process it better.
  3. Improved Insight and Perspective: By inducing a state of heightened introspection and empathy, MDMA can help patients gain new insights into their experiences and patterns of thought.

The latest scientific research on MDMA therapy

The latest research on MDMA therapy for PTSD has been promising. The largest clinical trial to date found that the MDMA treatment was safe and effective in a diverse group of participants. The study involved 104 people diagnosed with moderate to severe PTSD. After three therapy sessions spaced a month apart, 71.2% of the participants who received MDMA no longer met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD, compared with 47.6% of the placebo group. This makes MDMA therapy on average 50% more effective as regular psychotherapy.

Do you want MDMA therapy in Amsterdam?

We’re offering legal MDMA, LSD and psilocybin sessions throughout the Netherlands and Amsterdam is a part of our service area. For people from abroad we even come to hotels, Airbnb and other rental houses. Since we work with legal psychedelics, you don’t have to source it yourself. Do you want to make use of our services? The first step is to fill in the intake to screen you for contra-indications. We do this for safety reasons. MDMA is pretty safe, except some medication or illness can be a dangerous combination. Make use of the links below to proceed.

Intake | MDMA therapy information | MDMA group session | Prices

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MDMA therapy Amsterdam

Bezoek ook onze partnersites zoals Truffel sessie, lsd therapie, truffel ceremonie, LVL 5 en , psiloflora.


Psychedelic sessions overview

Psychedelic sessions overview (bron: Triptherapie)

Psychedelic session as therapy LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), psilocybin, and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) are psychedelics that can be used for therapeutic purposes. Although they have unique […]

Psychedelic session as therapy

LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), psilocybin, and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) are psychedelics that can be used for therapeutic purposes. Although they have unique pharmacological properties, they all produce profound changes in consciousness and can enhance emotional processing.

LSD and psilocybin are both classified as classical psychedelics and work by stimulating serotonin receptors in the brain. They are known to produce mystical-type experiences and can enhance introspection, creativity, and empathy. Research has found that LSD and psilocybin can be used to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, and end-of-life distress. LSD was first used in psychotherapeutic settings in the 1950s and 1960s, while psilocybin received more attention in the 2000s with the revival of psychedelic research. One key difference between LSD and psilocybin is the length of their effects – LSD lasts for 8-12 hours, while psilocybin effects typically last for around 6 hours.

MDMA, on the other hand, is classified as an empathogen and works primarily by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It is well-known for its ability to enhance social connection, reduce fear, and increase empathy. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has shown promise in treating PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and was designated by the FDA as a “breakthrough therapy” in 2017. Unlike LSD and psilocybin, the effects of MDMA are not as long-lasting, with effects lasting for around 3-5 hours.

All three of these substances have been shown to be effective in treating mental illnesses, especially when used in conjunction with therapy. The experience produced when taking these substances can vary, but the common theme is a heightened emotional state. This enhanced emotional state can be both positive and negative, depending on the individual’s current situation, the setting, and the therapist’s skill. During therapy sessions, clinicians use these substances to facilitate deep introspection and emotional processing, allowing individuals to access repressed feelings and memories and to gain new insight into their lives.

Research on the efficacy of these substances is ongoing, with many promising results. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University found that psilocybin-assisted therapy could help cancer patients reduce depression and anxiety. A separate study conducted at Imperial College London found that psilocybin therapy could help individuals with long-standing depression. A study conducted in Canada found that LSD-assisted therapy could reduce anxiety and enhance mood in patients with anxiety disorders. Similarly, research has found that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can help veterans with combat-related PTSD.

Psychedelic therapu

All information of psychedelic therapy

You can find all the information of the different psychedelics on our website by using the table with terms down below.

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Psychedelic sessions overview

Bezoek ook onze partnersites zoals Truffel sessie, lsd therapie, truffel ceremonie, LVL 5 en , psiloflora.


Mushroom therapy

Mushroom therapy (bron: Triptherapie)

What is mushroom therapy? When people talk about Mushroom therapy they are referring to psychedelic therapy using magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms contain the active substances […]

What is mushroom therapy?

When people talk about Mushroom therapy they are referring to psychedelic therapy using magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms contain the active substances psilocybin/psilocin and are used for tripping and during the trip one can work on problems, fears and insecurities that are present the subconscious. It’s the psilocybin that has been converted to psilocin that has the most effect on the temporary effects of magic mushrooms, but still we call it psilocybin therapy.

Legal mushroom therapy in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is illegal under the Opium law. However, the use of psilocybin-containing truffles, also known as magic truffles or sclerotia, is tolerated under specific conditions. This distinction arises due to the legal framework and interpretation of the law.

Psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles are different parts of the same organism. Psilocybin mushrooms typically refer to the fruiting bodies, or the “mushrooms” themselves, which contain psilocybin. Psilocybin truffles, on the other hand, are formed underground as compact masses (sclerotia) that contain psilocybin. This happens when circumstances are bad to grow the mushroom above the ground

The legal situation surrounding psilocybin in the Netherlands is complex. While psilocybin mushrooms are classified as illegal, psilocybin truffles aren’t mentioned on the list of illegal drugs. This has resulted in a unique legal landscape where the sale and consumption of psilocybin truffles are legal and we can work with the psilocybin truffles. Psilocybin truffles generally have lower concentrations of psilocybin compared to the magic mushrooms. To compensate the difference in concentration we use more grams of magic truffles.

What can truffle therapy do?

Several scientific studies support our vision based on experience. Our trip therapy can be used for, among other things:

  • Improve low self-esteem
  • Anxiety Control
  • Depression treatment
  • Combating Burnout
  • Mild addictions remedy

Psilocybin is very similar to the body’s own serotonin. Serotonin provides the opposite of depression. That is, namely, contentment. With increased stimulation of the serotonin receptor, the brain goes into a state of hyperconnectivity. This also happens to a lesser extent when you start dreaming. During the state of hyperconnectivity, various parts of the brain can communicate (better) with each other. Problems in the subconscious can become visible and it can get a place.

psylocybin brain connections -What exactly is paddotherapy?
On the left a schematic representation of the connections in the brain without psilocybin and on the right with psilocybin

Here is more information on how psilocybin works.

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Mushroom therapy

Bezoek ook onze partnersites zoals Truffel sessie, lsd therapie, truffel ceremonie, LVL 5 en , psiloflora.